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Provider App Is your prenatal care provider (OB) in alignment with you?  If you aren’t sure, use See Baby’s Provider App to find out!  See Baby's Provider App is easy to use: 10 questions, 100 points.  Rate your provider.  Know their score! Learn More
Family Centered Cesarean As birth can occur “naturally” or by “Cesarean”, a prevailing key point is that it is always emotionally overpowering and multifaceted. Several factors that are important to women during birth; such as feeling connected to the birth, having immediate skin-to-skin contact with their baby, minimal separation from their baby, holding their baby, and generally establishing an atmosphere of positivity and joy remains paramount to her and the family. Indeed the moment of birth has profound benefits for mothers, the baby, and humanity. Learn More
Home Birth Back Up Support Home Birth Back Up Support provided exclusively at See Baby. See Baby is dedicated to providing options and support to pregnant women in the community.  With increased awareness, women are more often opting for a Home Birth. See Baby is in full support of this birth option and has partnered with numerous Home Birth Midwives to provide back up support. Learn More
What Are Patients Saying? To the FABULOUS staff of SeeBaby,
Thank you for helping us on our journey to meeting this fantastic, fat, healthy, perfect baby of ours, I will miss your smiling faces. Maybe we will have to have another one in a couple years so I can come back and see y'all again.

Anna, Matt & Max Cherry

Photography: Jamila Lisbon, Benjamin and Grace Photography. Read More
Atlanta Magazine's “Top Doctors” 2011, 2012 & 2013 Brad Bootstaylor, MD has once again, been selected by Atlanta Magazine (July 2013), as one of their “Top Doctors” for 2013. Read More
Experience Excellence You will find the See Baby experience is uniquely different. The See Baby “formula” helps achieve an unprecedented level of pampering fused with maternity care. Dr. Bootstaylor's extensive experience in perinatal care has evolved with the creation of a perinatal spa-like facility, designed with the patient in mind. Learn More

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What is a Family Centered Cesarean?

A surgical birth (Cesarean) that also captures many elements of a “natural” vaginal birth

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Why See Baby?

  • You will be encouraged to ask questions, and engage in conversation with your Doctor; NO use of fear or thwarted facts, to force you into doing “what we say"...
  • Staff has over 100 years experience
  • You will be pampered at each visit
  • Customer service is priority #1