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August 24, 2016

Dear Community, Mothers & Families,

In the spirit of cooperation and understanding, working diligently with Dekalb Medical, we are happy to announce See Baby Midwifery’s ability to provide the supportive and compassionate care you’ve always come to expect, effective today (08/24/16).

Also in the spirit of cooperation, See Baby Midwifery asks that any planned demonstrations or protests for Friday (08/26/16) be CANCELLED.

Please be advised of the following updates:

  • VBAC is allowed:  Dr. Bootstaylor & See Baby Midwifery can continue to support VBAC after 1 and 2 previous cesareans.
  • Planned Vaginal Breech Birth is allowed: Dr. Bootstaylor & See Baby Midwifery can continue to support planned vaginal breech births.
  • Dekalb Medical agrees that the final decision about whether a woman has an IV or chooses to eat during active labor is a woman and her Provider’s decision.  Dr. Bootstaylor & See Baby Midwifery will ensure that patients understand the risks of not using protocols in place for the mother and baby’s safety, and formally acknowledges that she understands the risks.
  • Water Birth:  Water Births remain under review, but patients with due dates on or before 10/31/16, may have a Water Birth as planned. The hospital is working to complete their review and will make a determination whether to continue Water Births (well before 10/31/16 so women will know their options).

We would like to say “THANK YOU” to all of the Mothers, Families, and Community Members for all of your inspiration and support to See Baby Midwifery, Dr. Bootstaylor and Birth Options. Your supportive words were heard, and we appreciate you!