3 Birth Stories; Shared Decision Making leading to Healthy Births & Empowered Mothers


Shared Decision Making (SDM), 3 birth stories, different journeys, and a consistent theme of shared responsibility & guided discovery leading to healthy births to empowered mothers.

All 3 mothers are sharing their stories with permission.

1. Alona Cajuste; at 40 2/7 wks EGA and h/o 2 uncomplicated vaginal births, followed by 2 Cesarean births in Florida (placenta previa; repeat), desired a respectful VBA2C, which occurred with spontaneous labor and support of her 4 children and husband Michel; after ~ 6 hrs of labor, with restful periods, baby Michel III was born on 01/08/20, weighing 7 lbs, caught excitedly by Dad, and completing the journey with a Lotus birth. Ms. Cajuste will chronicle her own journey in her own time, as her shared decision making and guided discovery made for a much desired healthy process and empowered journey, because she didn’t have to fight for a VBA2C.


2. Emily Bradley and her husband Joe, in there last pregnancy in 2017, transferred to See Baby at 39 wks EGA for an elective Family Centered Cesarean for breech presentation; it was an empowered surgical birth experience for this family by choice. With her 2nd pregnancy a VBAC was desired, and after more than 30 hrs of labor at 42 0/7 wks EGA, and with my recommendation, a repeat Family Centered Cesarean was performed; of which both Emily and Joe felt well supported and not defeated, as their journey of guided discovery revealed the necessity of a surgical birth, of which they were familiar and not in fear of. The photo showing true L💜ve was taken by Joe, in welcoming baby Jack to Earth🌍 on 12/07/19, birth wt 9’15”; healthy and safe to an empowered Mother and Father.


3. Sarah & Travis Stephenson, traveled over 500 miles from Tampa, FL, for shared decision making and support in laboring for a vaginal breech birth. After an 8 day stay (at an airbnb in Atlanta), Sarah went into spontaneous labor at 40 5/7 wks EGA, cared for by her husband Travis and the indelible support of her Doula Amy Gottschang, birthing her healthy son Zayn, wt. 7lbs 2oz, in ~ 4 hours; concluding also with a Lotus birth.



Also, Ms. Stephenson wanted to share in her own words what transpired, as she had to virtually relocate from another state to be heard, and more importantly for someone to listen. Guided discovery🌍

“I feel incredibly empowered by my experience and reassured in my abilities as a woman to trust my instincts. My body and my baby know how to work in harmony. Thank you for all your support!”
Zayn Axel Stephenson

These stories are for all mothers to know of an be aware that they occur in supportive environments like Atlanta Medical Center, of which I would like to say a big “THANK YOU” to the Nurses & Staff.🤸🏿‍♂️👍






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