A letter from Dr. Bootstaylor

Dear Atlanta Birth Community,

After reviewing my unyielding 100% commitment to Intown Midwifery over the past 4 years (witnessing awesome growth by supporting many birth options), and a 110% commitment to opening the Atlanta Birth Center (ABC) as well, I’ve now reached a good inflection point. It is with much regret, that I will be stepping down from the Board of Directors of ABC, yet remaining supportive of the overall goal to increase birth options for the mothers and families of Georgia.

As I’ve always believed, ABC should be an “open model”, thereby gaining and maintaining community support; The community I’ve come to love dearly and their clients (Home Birth families) who already enjoy their own private “birth center” in their homes. This option of “Home Birth” is truly an open model as it’s selected openly and supported openly as a safe & empowering choice. Such that we have seen several Intown Midwives themselves choose this wonderful option for their own births.

As it has become apparent, that ABC would be “closed” to See Baby Midwives and other Midwives within the birth community, the opportunity to truly support birth options for all mothers in Georgia became a priority. Just ask yourself the simple question: “Could you work tirelessly to support a process that excluded you”?

Thereby, to stay true to this ideal in supporting Home Birth as a reasonable and safe option for families, I will now devote my time, energy and passion  in this realm. It is truly a wonderful option with Providers in alignment, which includes the Midwives of See Baby Midwifery. Yes, wonderful and empowering births will continue to happen in the place of the mother’s choosing.
With optimism and hopefulness,
Brad Bootstaylor, MD

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