A Letter to Our Patients


See Baby Midwifery Integrative Care – Birthing Different, Birthing Better (aka Bring Birth Back!)

One-hundred-forty-eight (148) See Baby births have occurred since our arrival to Atlanta Medical Center on June 1, 2017.  Dr. Bootstaylor has graciously attended and witnessed the beauty of supporting all our Mothers in alignment with Doulas from the Consortium, AMC Nurses and our office staff.  As a result we are proud to say we have continuously supported alternative birth options to include Water birth, VBAC (water birth), vaginal breech, vaginal twins and Family Centered Cesarean (FCC).  In essence, various styles of birthing, both natural and medicated family medical practice, have been supported = Empowered Mothers!!!

A new era is upon as the See Baby Midwives, Nkechi Brodie, CNM, Jackie Kuschner, CNM  and Lynn Fisher, CNM will begin supporting Mothers’ births as of October 16, 2017 at AMC.  The Doula Consortium has become an invaluable addition to See Baby’s service and will continue to support the midwives & Dr. Bootstaylor in this Integrative Midwifery Model moving forward.  This model emphasizes the presence of a doula at every birth.

As we all eagerly await this transition, we appreciate the spirit of support and alignment we all have for one another — patients, staff and providers alike.

Thank you,

Brad Bootstaylor


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