A “natural birth” realized


A “natural birth” realized, and admittedly a challenge for this couple to be actualized.

First time parents Jeanine & Ibrahim Jones wanted to share their birth story, as a model for couples (or anyone), who desire a supportive low intervention birth journey; aka “natural childbirth”.

As Jeanine and Ibrahim were looking for care providers to support a low intervention in-hospital birth, their interviews of providers and research made what would appear to be relatively straightforward process somewhat daunting. They were looked upon as wanting an “alternative birth”, which in fact was just a “natural birth”. Conversations were so off-putting, that it seemed what should be a normal healthy biologic process was becoming an impossible dream. A natural unmedicated birth with supportive providers.

They were astonished to learn of many of their pregnant friends succumbing to “inductions” and “Cesareans”, to include a family member who was induced electively at 39 weeks EGA, with a resulting Cesarean on the same day that Jeanine actually went into spontaneous labor.

They simply wanted a healthy experience that involved support, guidance and shared decision making. Which we at See Baby Midwifery translate into a touch of love.

Naturally, Home Birth always remains a safe & wonderful option for many. However Jeanine and Ibrahim found an equally comparable “in-hospital” option with See Baby Midwifery (SBM).

The See Baby Midwifery midwives, through their personalized prenatal care, and particularly during labor with Ellen Adamo, CNM and Doula Kristen Reece, were able to help Jeanine and Ibrahim actualize a “natural” birth. It was arduous and with some steep hills to climb, but the “shared decision making” and genuine support helped them birth into love, baby Justice James, 6 pounds 14 ounces at 40 4/7 weeks EGA.

At See Baby Midwifery, many birth options are supported, to include the use of epidural, water 💦 birth, IV pain meds, and good old fashion emotional support (w/ Doulas) to help a mother realize and actualize the best birth experience for her and the family.

Bring Birth Back!!!
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