ACOG releases new guidelines for reducing cesarean births

Research continues to show what many doctors, midwives and mothers have always known–labor can take a long time! The American College of Obstetricians and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine released guidelines earlier this month that reaffirms the importance of patience during labor and delivery, and other ways to reduce the rising rate of cesarean births in the U.S. 

Dr Bootstaylor:

Overall, I believe this Committee Opinion supports the many
practitioners of “normal birth” and is how Intown Midwifery practices with Ob support. Although solo for so long, I’m tickled to see how things have come around.

This document from ACOG is well written by some of the most respected physicians in Obstetrics, and I was tickled to see that ACOG wholeheartedly embraces Doulas to help lower the cesarean rate. Essentially to help Bring Birth Back!

The guidelines break down the indications for first time cesareans, and “labor arrest” is the largest piece of the pie:

Read more about the new guidelines, including part of an NPR interview with one of the lead authors of the guidelines here

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