Amanda Zimmerman is ‘catching babies’ at Dekalb Medical!

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After a few months of being in the See Baby office and shadowing the other Midwives in the hospital, we are so happy to announce that Amanda Zimmerman, CNM, is officially taking on-call shifts at Dekalb Medical! She has already been an asset to the team, and she looks forward to supporting families during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


“I’m overjoyed to be catching babies at Dekalb! It’s been wonderful to be present and share the space and experience with our See Baby families as they welcome their newest member. Many deliveries I’ve attended thus far have been with families that I’ve seen often in the office over the last few months, so it’s been very special to come full circle with them.”

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(Amanda Z, left, with Carrie and Dr. Bootstaylor at Dekalb Medical)

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