As we hope you’ve heard, #SeeBaby #Midwifery is set to launch on July 14, 2014. We appreciate your support as we embark on this new journey, and in an effort to keep you informed we welcome your questions. We will continually strive to provide excellence, which includes doing our best to explain what’s going on behind the scenes, and answer your questions. 

Q. What is the See Baby Hybrid Care all about?

Our thinking… 

We are working to create a service that will allow for a hybrid service; #HomeBirth Prenatal Care, See Baby #Birth!  Essentially some mothers enjoy and feel more comfortable with the high level of care provided by CPMs, CNMs and Home Birth Midwives, however their births may be served best in a hospital setting, yet maintaining the dignity, respect and wonderment that occurs with Home Birth. 

We envision the happy median as this #Hybrid level of support, and this is open to all Home Birth #Midwives and all patients (low risk and “high risk”) alike.

#DrBootstaylor met with many of Atlanta’s Home Birth Midwives last week to discuss this new approach. It was overall a great meeting that will help us make what we see as a wonderful and unique approach to co-management of prenatal care, even better!

Dr Bootstaylor explains, “All the CPMs in attendance were in total agreement and excited about Hybrid care and See Baby Midwifery support of Home Birth. The ability to serve more Moms who are not traditionally Home Birth candidates has a profound ring of practicality and optimism associated with it. The meeting was exciting, engaging and exploratory, yielding great ideas to actualize this wonderful hybrid service.  It lasted over 3 hours on the eve before July 4th; that speaks volumes.” 



For more information on See Baby’s Home Birth back-up support, including a list of Home Birth Midwives: https://seebaby.org/services/home-birth-back-up-support

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