As we hope you’ve heard, #SeeBaby #Midwifery is set to launch on July 14, 2014. We appreciate your support as we embark on this new journey, and in an effort to keep you informed we welcome your questions. We will continually strive to provide EXCELLENCE, which includes doing our best to explain what’s going on behind the scenes, and answer your questions. 
FYI: See Baby will provide a #Doula stipend while we await the arrival of our #Midwives!
Our thinking… 
We understand and believe in the power of support during labor.  We always recommend that a family find and hire a Doula who they feel will compliment their #birth team. 
As #SeeBaby #Midwifery gets started, one thing that has to happen is for our #Midwives to be credentialed at each hospital in order to obtain privileges at said hospital.  #DrBootstaylor of course already has privileges, and will therefore be attending births during this time. 
#DrBootstaylor: “As #SeeBaby awaits the ability of their #Midwives to attend births, it is our belief that laboring mothers should have as much support as possible. I feel a great deal of benefit can be provided with #Doula support. Therefore See Baby is providing a stipend of $250 for Doula support for births attended by me at #Emory Midtown Hospital during this transition.”
We love our #Doulas and appreciate the immense benefit they bring to the journey of birth and beyond. That’s why we will help cover the cost of this incredible service. We would love to hear your thoughts on#OurThinking… post your comments and help BRING BIRTH BACK!
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