#AskSeeBaby: Can I Choose to have a Cesarean Birth?



At See Baby we support Birth Options For All. We believe in shared decision making, and that cesarean birth is still birth.

Because of this belief Dr. Bootstaylor brought Family Centered Cesareans to Atlanta six years ago. He recognized that when a birth plan shifts to include a surgical birth, that experience is first shaped by the conversation had. It is further shaped by the atmosphere of the room, which is why the lights remain dim and the room remains quiet. Cord clamping, and milking can still happen, as can skin-to-skin if there is not a reason to delay it. A Family Centered Cesarean is a peaceful birth experience that See Baby offers, whether a cesarean is the original birth plan or not.

Cesarean birth is a birth option that we support at See Baby, with informed and shared decision making in place.




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