Big Study shows that twins do not = Cesarean Birth

The U.S. cesarean section rate is still unfortunately rising (see article below).


Now one study has shown that just because you are having twins does not mean that a cesarean section is necessary, or safer.

NBC News reported: 

Don’t make them tell you twice: Most twin births safe without C-section


And Stir.com is saying: 

Pregnant With Twins? You May Not Need a C-Section After All


Georgia’s rate of 33.8 percent is more than triple the World Health Organization’s recommendation of no more than 10 percent.  We are so lucky that Dr. Bootstaylor is offering Family Centered Cesareans to families in Atlanta (learn more here:  https://seebaby.org/services/family-centered-cesarean), so that if a cesarean really is necessary families can still experience an empowering birth. But here is evidence that a twin pregnancy does not need to take the option of vaginal birth away from women. 

This study showed that,

“These results do not indicate that all sets of twins should be delivered vaginally,” but that planning to do so is a reasonable choice if the doctor is experienced in twin births and knows when a C-section becomes necessary,“ Dr. Michael Greene of Massachusetts General Hospital wrote in a commentary.


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