Supporting Breastfeeding Moms and Formula Feeding Moms

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Supporting Breastfeeding Moms and Formula Feeding Moms You most likely know that Breast is best,  but this Doctor points out that breastfeeding is not possible or right for every family, and that is OK, too. Maliha Sayla writes: “I hope that as health care providers, we can find a way to create encouraging and supportive environments for breastfeeding, while also supporting …

Family Centered Cesarean

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Skin-to-skin is so important, and when there is no reason for a baby to be separated from her/his mother after ‪#‎birth‬, we do not do it!‪#‎SeeBabyMidwifery‬ offers ‪#‎FamilyCenteredCesareans‬, which includes immediate skin-to-skin unless other care is needed. This recent article is about one hospital implementing skin-to-skin in the operating room: Implementing Skin-to-Skin in the OR, Huffington Post You can see …

Optimal Cord Clamping

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An important subject; a “powerful participatory idea”  The first 90 seconds of baby’s life can make a difference. One simple practice with huge implications is Delayed Cord Clamping–or as Alan Greene wants us to call it, Optimal Cord Clamping. Greene points out in this talk that there is no evidence that clamping the cord immediately after birth is beneficial, and …