See Baby Midwifery Welcomes a New Midwife!

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See Baby Midwifery Welcomes a New Midwife! Carrie Reed, CNM, is a fun loving, compassionate Midwife with a heart of gold! She is passionate about birth and very much looking forward to servicing women & families in her home town of Atlanta. During her training at Emory, she worked closesly with Dr. Bootstaylor, assisting him with water births and  FCC (Family Centered …


Supporting Breastfeeding Moms and Formula Feeding Moms

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Supporting Breastfeeding Moms and Formula Feeding Moms You most likely know that Breast is best,  but this Doctor points out that breastfeeding is not possible or right for every family, and that is OK, too. Maliha Sayla writes: “I hope that as health care providers, we can find a way to create encouraging and supportive environments for breastfeeding, while also supporting …