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This gorgeous photograph was taken at a recent Family Centered Cesarean, by Chrysanthemum Birth Services. The photographer explains that this shot is of “The operating room after delivering a baby with a necessary cesarean. Dad on the left with baby needing to warm up, mom on the table and Dr. Bootstaylor finishing. I love seeing it all in one frame.” 


Dr. Bootstaylor brought Family Centered Cesareans to Atlanta, and remains one of the few Doctors to offer this birth option to Families. He recognizes that cesareans will be necessary in about 10-15% off births, and that surgical birth is still a birth, and should be treated respectfully.

This respect begins with the decision to have a surgical birth, which is a conversation between the entire birth team. The respect continues into the operating room, where the difference between most cesarean sections and a Family Centered Cesarean is enormous. To begin with, your Midwife, Doula and/or Birth Photographer are allowed to join the room as part of the team, and the  Mother’s arms are not tied down. At the time of birth, the drape is lowered so that the parents can see their baby being born. Dr. Bootstaylor then milks the umbilical cord before clamping it, and if baby looks healthy she is taken straight to her Mother’s chest for skin-to-skin. The lights are lowered, and the Family begins bonding right away–because the importance of the “golden hour” does not go away because a birth is done surgically.

Cesarean birth is birth, and everyone deserves a Family Centered Cesarean. See Baby and Dr. Bootstaylor are proud to offer this birth option at Dekalb Medical.


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