Family Centered Cesarean; One Story

Picture captured 1 hr. after birth by FCC in recovery room on 07/11/18

Family Centered Cesarean birth; healing of the immediate and extended family is beyond what’s imaginable.

With permission Katherine and Matt Klump are sharing their birth story, so those mom’s who are having a planned surgical birth can be comforted in knowing a “perfect birth experience is possible” of which they also proclaimed “I can’t believe how beautiful it was”.

A Family Centered Cesarean (FCC) at See Baby Midwifery involves some essential elements: 1) keeping the baby with mother throughout the procedure, such that she is able to do Skin-2-Skin contact, hug & hold the baby with her freely mobile arms, and have the baby latch on the breast while completing the surgery, 2) the husband/wife or birth partner is present to experience this novel experience and to share in by helping the baby to latch, 3) they can take as many pictures as they want or just savor the moment, 4) feeling warmly supported by the staff, and never alone or judged unfavorably for desiring a birth experience that is drastically different from a traditional Cesarean section, 5) delayed umbilical cord pulsation for 1 min before cutting the cord, & 5) Microbiome collection for innoculation of the baby in the recovery room (vaginal bacterial flora collected prior to surgery to apply to the baby; scientifically established to be of benefit to infants and newborns by enhancing their gut flora & immune systems).

The Klump’s birth experience was just that, so drastically different and healing, such that they excitedly exclaimed for everyone in the O.R. to hear: “we just had a newborn” (their 1st pregnancy in 2015 of Twins were born at 24 weeks EGA by emergency Classical C-section).

On 07/11/18, baby Caroline Lily, 7’6″ was born ~ 2200 hrs. And upon their discharge from Atlanta Medical Center w/i 48 hrs, this family repeatedly expressed how “perfect this birth was” and how “beautiful this birth was”; literally “a weight lifted off our family”, which I humbly translated into a healing birth for all. The Klump’s through joyful tears agreed.

See Baby Midwifery, always appreciates the support from all the Atlanta Medical Center staff that make this birth option, Family Centered Cesarean (FCC) possible and routine, as it is supported for both planned and unplanned Cesareans.

Thank You;

Bring Birth Back!

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