skin-to-skin for newborns

The importance of “Kangaroo Care”

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“Kangaroo Care,” or Skin-to-Skin, is a routine practice for See Baby Midwifery at Dekalb Medical. There are many benefits to this birth option, recognized by the World Health Organization. This practice is part of the requirements that Dekalb Medical has met to become a WHO Baby Friendly Hospital. At See Baby Midwifery we go a step farther than some and also offer Skin-to-Skin during surgical births.

This morning NPR aired a story on the importance of Kangaroo Care for all babies.

‘Not only is the baby happier, she says, but his or her vitals are more stable. Body temperature, heart and breathing rate normalize more quickly. The close contact also allows the baby to be exposed to the same bacteria as the mother, which can protect against allergies and infection in the future. Infants who receive kangaroo care breast feed more easily, Lee says, and their mothers tend to breast feed for longer periods of time, which is “all good.”‘

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skin-to-skin for newborns