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I will NOT be bullied!!!

As a professional patient advocate and counselor for the past 5 years, Nicole could not believe where she found herself at 41 0/7 weeks gestation on 07/10/18; “being forced into an induction” based on practice policy, while also being made to feel helpless and ” extremely stressed out” for what had been “a totally normal pregnancy”.

John and Nicole Kaufman, 1st time parents, in conscientiously advocating for mothers and families, with serious intent wanted this all too common experience exposed; their birth story shared with permission:

On 07/10/18 Nicole, a 35 y.o. primip with an uneventful pregnancy sought guidance and support from her Doula Colleen G., who was able to help her regain balance and find her voice. As there was “no medical indication” or an urgent need for an induction, the reason for such was never given, except “practice protocol”, that until this time was unbeknownst to them.

John and Nicole have several medical doctors in their family, yet still found themselves being bereft of a plan and unnecessarily “stressed out” at a point where the joyful anxious anticipation of birth should be the expectation.

Fortunately, their Doula, Colleen G. heard them, and with a reasonable voice encouraged Nicole and John to have a different conversation and explore birth options = shared decision making.

Within 48 hours Nicole was in spontaneous labor, well supported by her husband John, her Doula and See Baby Midwifery (SBM) & had an empowered Water Birth, which she never even considered (yet her path was lead here). Baby Clementine, came earth side, born into love and and empowered new parents, weighing 8’10”.

This experience enlightened this well-informed couple, that her intuition, Doula and voices of respect and reason (backed by science) should be listened too and NOT bullied.

SBM would like to “Thank” all the Doulas who help mothers and families find that voice. And the Atlanta Medical Center staff who support families informed, science supported choices such as Water 💦 Birth.

Bring Birth Back🌍!!!

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