A Letter From the Family Whose Birth is Under Review

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As we await Dekalb Medical’s meeting (which has now been moved to Tuesday 5/16), we are touched to receive the following statement from the family whose birth is under review. This family wanted us to share their story with the public, and we appreciate their openness and honesty.

“We recently became aware that DeKalb Medical has revoked the privileges of See Baby

Midwifery and See Baby Perinatology (Dr. Bootstaylor) over the delivery of our twin girls Ada

and Teadora.  No one from DeKalb Medical contacted us to ask about our birth experience and

we are shocked and horrified by this decision on the part of DeKalb Medical and hope to

express our appreciation for the fantastic care we received from See Baby and to clarify any

misunderstandings about our birth experience.


We live just outside of Savannah, Georgia and had been seeing an OB-GYN here locally for our

twin pregnancy. At about 32 weeks Ada (baby A) was breech and Teadora (baby B) was

transverse, and had been so for a while.  The doctor began preparing us for the likelihood of a

C-section. We researched all possibilities, complications, pros and cons, of breech birth and of

C-sections and ended up strongly desirous of attempting a vaginal birth in spite of our doctor’s

protocol. We did desire to do this in a hospital environment so that surgery would be an option

should the health of the babies or mother become at risk during the process.


We brought up our concerns and questions with our local OB-GYN and felt that our opinions

and desires for the birth process were not considered or even respected.  We explored every

local option and felt extremely discouraged that there was no one who would consider helping

us attempt a vaginal delivery for our little girls or even fully discuss it with us. In desperation we

seriously considered doing a homebirth by ourselves, although we finally decided not to do it

since we were aware that breech births brought some risk and wanted medical oversight.

A chance meeting led us to learn about See Baby in Atlanta.  We scheduled our first visit there

as soon as we could (this was about 35 weeks into the pregnancy). The staff at both See Baby

Midwifery and See Baby Perinatology were so supportive, encouraging, respectful and

knowledgeable. We were thrilled to find that they would listen to our concerns and desires and

that they were willing to support an attempt at a vaginal breech twin delivery in the relative

safety of a hospital delivery room. We were fully informed of the higher statistical likelihood of

complications due to the less than ideal positioning of the babies as well as the nature of the

most common complications and we chose to give it a try.  We knew See Baby would do

everything safely possible to help us achieve our desired vaginal delivery while also being able

and ready to switch over to a C-section if a vaginal delivery became unsafe for mother or

babies.  At See Baby we finally felt heard, respected, supported and protected.


Just after 37 weeks, we found a place to stay in Atlanta (four hours from our home) so that we

would be close by DeKalb Medical when labor began. We felt the sacrifice of being separated

from our home and our two older children was well worth-while to be in partnership with such a

skilled doctor as Dr. Bootstaylor and the See Baby midwives. For a month we waited in Atlanta

continuing to monitor the health and positions of the babies through both See Baby Midwifery

and Dr. Bootstaylor through 41 weeks gestation, when natural labor began. Each day of that

month we made the choice to continue waiting, knowing that any time we asked them See Baby

would respectfully give us a c-section if we asked them for it. However, we sincerely wanted to

try the vaginal birth and the month of waiting was worth it to us, even though we knew there was

a significant chance it would end up a c-section anyway if baby A became a footling breech.


See Baby Midwifery oversaw the delivery of Ada (baby A), who only switched from complete

breech to footling breech during active labor) and skillfully delivered her with great APGAR

scores during a surprisingly quick labor. Teadora (baby B) had some trouble during delivery and

fractured her humerus in the process of exiting the birth canal. However, the See Baby doctor

and midwife did a fantastic job of quickly and skillfully dealing with the complication. We

wouldn’t have traded Dr. Bootstaylor for any doctor!  His expertise and skill and passion for what

he was doing was like watching an artist work. We were in the best hands we possibly could

have been in.  Teadora’s 5 minute APGAR was 9 and she has continued to do extremely well in

the weeks since the birth. She has visited a local pediatric orthopedic surgeon twice since our

return to Savannah, once at two weeks and once at five weeks. At both visits the doctor has

been extremely confident that her fractured arm is not problematic. At five weeks the bone is

already fully knit back together and Teadora uses both arms with equal ease and comfort.  The

surgeon assures us that by 6 months even an x-ray won’t be able to detect a fracture ever



We are overwhelmed with delight and gratitude to See Baby Midwifery and Dr. Bootstaylor for

their services to us with our non-standard situation both during the pregnancy and during the

delivery process. Their bravery in providing us with the opportunity to deliver vaginally is

accentuated by the fact that now they are being persecuted for it. We are very sorry our story

should be used to hurt these people who served us and blessed us above and beyond what

anyone else would have even considered doing and sorry it should be used to make an

experience like the one we were fortunate to get unavailable to others like us who do not have

anyone else who will help them. SeeBaby is a heroic champion of people like us, who prefer

allowing the body a chance to function naturally if it will, who would otherwise have been forced

to give up our hopes and beliefs and submit to an unnecessary surgery or to endanger

ourselves and our babies by trying to deliver the babies alone in our home.


Dr. Bootstaylor and See Baby Midwifery were respectful and informative and communicative

throughout our experience with them in ways that no other doctor or medical organization has

ever been for us. We had started to think medical professionals like them no longer existed who

would respect us and treat our hopes for a natural delivery with dignity.  We are and always

were fully aware that there were risks and complications due to the twin’s positions. Looking

back we wouldn’t dream of changing our decision to attempt a vaginal birth even if we had

known beforehand that a fractured humerus would occur during the birth. The fracture has been

a very minor issue, significantly less difficult to deal with than a diaper rash.


We hope that DeKalb Medical will reconsider their decision and not deprive other expectant

mothers of the precious choices that the See Baby organizations provide where no one else will!

Residents of Georgia are fortunate to have these experienced and skilled medical professionals

in our region and we hope that all area hospitals will support them in their efforts to provide

mothers with all the options possible for safe deliveries of their babies!



Jessica & Kevin Hake