New Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines


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New guidelines from The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force for when and how often women should be screened for breast cancer were recently released. The new guidelines are causing many questions and concerns. Read more in this great Washington Post article.


Christine Turner, WHNP-BC
Christine Turner, WHNP-BC

See Baby’s Chris Turner WHNP-BC, weighed in on the matter:

I use an individual approach to patient care and screening /risk assessments, keeping current guidelines in mind. Mammogram screening starting at 40 is what most Breast Specialists advise, and possibly earlier for African American women (higher rates of diagnosis under 35).

I disagree with the notion we should not be teaching self breast exam or providing clinical breast exams. I feel women should know their bodies! As a nurse, I believe health education and understanding how our body functions empowers us more than it causes stress and confusion.




Chris Turner, WHNP-BC, offers comprehensive healthcare at See Baby Women’s Health, for women in all stages of life.


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