One See Baby Experience…

At 28 weeks pregnant, one mom decided she needed to change care providers. She wrote about her experience with Intown Midwifery and See Baby on her blog, www.reallyareyouserious.com:

Always go with your instinct. Your gut. Your momma-ness.

When I decided that our previous OB wasn’t working for me any more (suggesting an induction because my “due date” is 12/31at my very first appointment), and looked into things, we went for it. And, it’s totally okay to switch practices mid-pregnancy. Even at 28 weeks. Or 30 weeks. Or 36 weeks. If you are unhappy with your provider, make a change. So, we changed practices at 28 weeks!

I’ve had one appointment, a one and two-hour glucose test and I’m already more comfortable there. They even have a changing table in the waiting room and a play area! That is huge!

At my first appointment, because of my pregnancy induced ITP (the platelet thing), the midwives at my practice (yes, no OBs are actually there), wanted me to meet with their consulting OB just to have a check over of me and mostly our little girl.

I’ve honestly never walked into a doctor’s office like this (yeah, no play area here), but it was amazing. Nice relaxing music playing, blue lights in the lamps, water for moms. It was almost like going to the spa. Dr. Bootstaylor’s office (SeeBaby) is nothing short of amazing.

We got to have a look at our little girl in 3D after they took some measurements and checked everything out (predicted weight at the time was 3lbs, 3oz). I think she looks just like her sisters!

See baby ultrasound baby girl #4

She was pretty sleepy, so she wasn’t performing too much, but rubbing her eyes? The sweetest.

Seebaby ultrasound image girl #4

I had to include this one of her little legs crossed. In one of our very first pictures of the oldest after she was born, she has her legs crossed right at the ankle. (Yeah, I know, you might have to squint at it for a bit).

Seebaby ultrasound image girl #4

And, the whole thing was recorded, too. It was like 13 minutes, so I compressed it down to a little over a minute here (click over to see the 3D ultrasound video).

Then, we had our appointment with the doctor. Sitting in real chairs in a real office with just us and the doctor. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever sat in a doctor’s actual office. And he talked to us, like educated individuals. And asked us questions that let us know he looked over my file. And, told me that so much of the stuff I’ve been told before about my platelets and that I’ve had to do! Totally not science-based. Music to my ears! He respects us. He gave us time to talk. Nothing short of amazing.

And get this? The midwives wanted me to ask him something, and I think because I was in such awe I forgot to ask. So a couple days later, when I remembered, I called, thinking I would talk to a nurse. Nope, the receptionist got my info and told me the doctor would call me back.

WHAT? Doctors actually call patients? Unheard of!!!

He totally called me back. And talked to me for a good ten minutes explaining why he was saying what he said and made sure I fully understood.

The sad part? I probably and hopefully won’t have to see him again because I was cleared by him and the midwives will continue my care But, holy smokes. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more amazing experience at a doctor’s office.

Instead of dreading my next appointment, I’m looking forward to talking to the midwives, really having a full appointment where any questions will be fully addressed and I will be spoken to like a person with a brain!

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