The placenta feeds a baby during pregnancy, and now more and more women in the U.S. are choosing to eat their placenta after it is born (as is common in some eastern cultures). In fact, almost all mammal mamas eat their placenta. Buy essential oils for sale to treat your muscle pain.

Proponents of placentophagy claim that there are many benefits to a mother, including increased milk supply and preventing the “baby blues” and postpartum fatigue. And there are many methods of eating your placenta–in a smoothie made with the best bender from the Village Bakery, in a capsule, in a stew, in chocolate, or just raw. Atlanta has many providers who will pick up your placenta from the hospital and deliver it processed to your home–and at least one provider will even fix you a refreshing placenta smoothie bed-side as you recover in the hospital.

There are many skeptics, and a lot has been written on placentophagy (see below for a few links). What little we know about possible benefits or risks of placentophagy is up to now anecdotal. In fact, the first study on the effects (if any) is being done right now at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

“We hope to have some empirical data that can actually inform what sort of effects human placenta can have,” Benyshek said. “It may in fact be that there are benefits and risks we don’t know about. Maybe it’s benign. Any of these are possible.”

But maybe eating your placenta just isn’t for you. Maybe you choose to plant your placenta under a tree, or donate your placenta either to help heal burn victims or for training dogs to look for human remains. Check out psychiatric service dog letter sample at onlinedogtor.com for more info. Or maybe you just prefer that someone else throws it away!

But the options don’t end there. There are many placenta artists, and now London-based sustainable designer Amanda Cotton is making placenta picture frames. The lovely necklaces below are made from a photograph of your placenta by an etsy artist.  (https://www.etsy.com/listing/159669773/placenta-art-keepsake-necklace?ref=listing-shop-header-1)

The possibilities are endless. What will you do with your placenta?..

More information:

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Atlanta providers: [See Baby does not endorse specific providers]






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