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At See Baby and See Baby Midwifery we recognize the importance of birth, both vaginal and surgical. We know that sometimes cesarean sections are necessary for the health of the Mother and/or baby.  [The World Health Organization puts this number at 10-15%. In most of the United States the actual rate of babies being born by cesarean section is upwards of 30-40%.] We also recognize that birth is birth, whether it is a vaginal or surgical birth. A baby is born, and so is a Mother. The way parents are treated during this critical period is almost as important as the method of delivery.

That is why Dr. Bootstaylor, with See Baby Midwifery, has developed and introduced a relatively new way of performing surgical births–respectfully. Respectful of the baby entering the world and the parents who are welcoming this child. We call it a Family Centered Cesarean, and we proudly offer this option to families at Dekalb Medical.

Many of the aspects of a Family Centered Cesarean that differentiate it from a “traditional” cesarean section seem like common sense. They are steps that are relatively easy to offer when you understand their importance. They are also elements that you might not be aware of if you have not had a previous surgical birth. That is one reason we were excited to have this video of a family’s surgical birth, and of them speaking about both of their cesarean sections–one with Dr. Bootstaylor and one with another provider.

Some of the elements of a Family Centered Cesarean that differentiate it from other cesareans:

  • The surgical drape is lowered as the baby is born so that parents can witness the birth
  • The lights are lowered in the operating room, and the staff is quiet, creating a peaceful environment
  • The Mother is not restrained to the operating table
  • The Baby goes straight to Mother’s chest for skin-to-skin–there is no separation unless necessary
  • Delayed cord clamping occurs, and Dr. Bootstaylor milks the cord to ensure baby receives all of the cord blood
  • Photography, including a Birth Photographer, is welcomed

The video below was recently shared with us from a patient who was so pleased with her Family Centered Cesarean that she wanted others to see it. We so appreciate her willingness to share!



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