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August 19, 2016

See Baby Midwifery & Dekalb Medical – Update 

  • What Happened? On Wed. 8/17/16 Dekalb Medical advised that See Baby Midwifery could no longer support birth options for mothers to include VBAC, water birth and vaginal breech deliveries.  This affects not only See Baby patients, but also the birth community as a whole!
  • Why? The Administration & OB Dept. determined that supporting the various birth options provided by See Baby Midwifery, was no longer important, despite our long standing success in providing Vaginal Breech and Water Birth with zero complications.  Hundreds of VBAC births have been supported by See Baby over the past 2 years at Dekalb Medical with one significant complication (consistent with the standard 0.05% or 1 in 200, complication rate) that was thoughtfully & expertly managed by our team.
  • Who’s Impacted? The key personnel in supporting birth options such as nurses, middle managers and ancillary staff at Dekalb Medical are equally devastated by this sudden and capricious change in policy. Equally so, our patients, See Baby staff and the expanded Birth Community must realign our efforts to support one another during this challenging transition.
  • How can YOU help? Your support in the effort to reverse this decision is strongly encouraged – Contact the administration and OB department by calling, writing, emailing, social media, etc……..  This decision to limit birth options has come from the top, down.  Your voices need to be heard from the ground up!  Do whatever you feel is necessary to ensure your voice is heard and your impact is felt!  We “Thank You” in advance for your support. Let’s Bring Birth Back! 
  • Options Remain! 
    • VBAC & Breech presentation patients will birth at Emory Midtown with Dr. Bootstaylor ***Doula stipend of  $400 or 50% of service fee, is available to patients to ensure they have additional support during their birth
    • Water labor support is still provided at Dekalb Medical (birthing pool, shower, tub)
    • And all types of empowered births!
  • Meet & Mingle next week – You’re invited
    • Next Tuesday 8/23/16 @ 6pm See Baby office suite 1165 – For more information and to have dialogue with the See Baby team.