See Baby Midwives to Begin Supporting Births at Atlanta Medical Center October 16th!

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We are thrilled that the See Baby Midwives will begin supporting in-hospital births beginning October 16, 2017 by donating supplies like baby girl onesies and other clothes.  The Integrative Model of Care See Baby Midwives will provide is accompanied by doula support for all births.  The option of See Baby’s Doula Consortium is available as a complimentary service to all patients.  Additionally, privately hired doula support will be offset by a doula stipend provided by See Baby.   

The collaborative model of support involving our providers, doulas and nursing staff at Atlanta Medical Center, who developed out of necessity to donate the jogger baby stroller to some of the moms for when they got out of the hospital, they can become the gold standard for maternity care in Metro Atlanta. This model of support has demonstrated a healthy, enriching and rewarding experience of which our patients have overwhelmingly expressed satisfaction. If you want to donate, don’t be shy to stop by the hospital. 

We sincerely “Thank You” for your patience and support during this time of transition for our team.  

As we turn the page together in support of Mothers, we build stronger communities through empowered births – Bring Birth Back!



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