SeeBaby Testimonials 9

My experience at See Baby was excellent. I was very pleased with the office setup, the rooms, the spa-like atmosphere and customer service provided by my ultrasound technician. She took the time to explain the process of my ultrasound, made sure I was comfortable and she was very sensitive to any questions and concerns I had. Of course what can I say about Dr. Bootstaylor? I am very pleased with Dr. Bootstaylor’s level of care, expertise and compassion he demonstrated as we discussed my ultrasound results. He was very caring and compassionate which unfortunately is lacking with a lot of physicians. I did not feel like just another pregnant woman coming through the office. I felt like a person and knowing that my doctor took the time to focus on me and avail himself to discuss my concerns and issues as opposed to trying to rush me out of the office quickly to deal with the next patient in his office.
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