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Post Dates Support of Management

Dr. Bootstaylor would like to remind you that your due date is NOT an expiration date. You can go beyond your “due date” safely when your birth team believes in shared decision making and safely monitoring of your baby!


Four Things You Should Know About Your Due Date

  1. Provide excellent and uncompromising customer service exceeding all expectations consistently.
  2. Only 4-5% of babies are born on her/his Due Date…
  3. “Post Term” refers to a pregnancy that extends to or beyond 42 weeks (not 40)
  4. Gestation rates for normal pregnancies can vary by up to five weeks!


Shared Decision Making

Shared Decision Making includes Shared Responsibility at See Baby; awareness and mindfulness is our philosophy. Shared Decision Making is made possible thorough understanding of the risk/benefit, and more importantly a supportive process prenatally. Bring Birth Back With the support of the Midwives at SBM prenatally, and Doula support

Birth Options: Services

Water Birth Support

SeeBaby supports the option of Water Birth. “Water Birth Guru” and founder of Water Birth International, Barbara Harper, RN held a private workshop for See Baby Midwives to receive purposeful instruction in Water
Birth technique & safety, to extend this birth option to all mothers.

VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)

SeeBaby provides physician support and backup for patients desiring VBAC. As members of GMA, GBN and ICAN, SeeBaby is fully dedicated to supporting this birth option for mothers. We also support VBAC Water Birth as an option. We truly believe this is one of the ways to help Bring Birth Back!

Vaginal Breech Birth

SeeBaby provides physician support and backup for patients desiring vaginal breech delivery. Please call SeeBaby to discuss your unique Vaginal Breech Birth options and expectations (404) 223-9306.

Vaginal Twin Birth

SeeBaby provides physician support and backup for patients desiring a vaginal birth of twins. Please call SeeBaby to discuss your unique Vaginal Twin Birth options and expectations (404) 223-9306.

Family Centered Cesarean (FCC)

SeeBaby provides physician support and backup for patients desiring a more family centered surgical birth (aka C-section). During the FCC the birth partner is encouraged to cut the umbilical cord of their baby. And, birth photography is encouraged and welcomed, during this unique birth experience. Please call See Baby to discuss your unique FCC options and expectations (404) 223-9306.


Rescue Cerclage

Emergency or Rescue Cerclage as it is minted is a treatment used to prevent the cervix from opening too early which then causes either a late miscarriage or preterm birth. Rescue Cerclage is a compelling proposition to restrict fetal loss before the viability of preterm newborns with poor survival.

External cephalic version (ECV)

External cephalic version (ECV) is a method by which a breech baby can sometimes be shifted from buttocks or foot first to head first. It is a manual procedure that is advocated by national guidelines for breech presentation singleton (non-multiple) pregnancy, to enable vaginal delivery.

General InfoRMATION

Late Transfers Accepted

Yes, SeeBaby can accept women into our care late in their pregnancy. It is not uncommon for a woman to decide late in her pregnancy that she wants a Late Transfer for many different reasons. In the importance of Shared Decision Making and remaining flexible and open to changes in your labor, we’ve been thinking a lot about birth plans. More than ever, expectant mothers are investing considerable time and energy into crafting their birth plan and expanded the definition of options. Please call See Baby to discuss your unique Birth options and expectations (404) 223-9306.

Home Birth Backup Support

We don’t necessarily advocate for one particular kind of birth over another. Quite the opposite; Dr. Bootstaylor has built his practice on a basis of helping mothers become informed and empowered about their pregnancy and birthing options, and works cooperatively with midwives and other care providers to give women and babies the most well-developed, comprehensive team to help support them to a healthy, safe, positive birth – in any setting!