Please meet the See Baby Doula Consortium!

Jessique Brown, DOULA

Jessique “Que” Brown is the owner of Advent Birth Services, a full service doula agency in East Atlanta.  Que has been supporting families since 2004 and has attended over 600 births. She founded Advent Birth Services as an effort to bring a collective group of Spiritual Doulas together with shared philosophy and care. Que’s vision is to offer quality spiritual support as families begin and grow no matter what their beliefs are.  Que is also the owner of a non-profit called the Doula Access Project. This is a new project that she is working on in an effort to expand doula services to families regardless of their income.


Que strives to provide evidence-based information and uses strong communication skills to help her clients understand their options. She strives to coach women through their pregnancies and births so that they can feel confidence advocating for themselves so that her clients can become active participants in the births of their children. Que’s desire is to use her skills to provide well rounded support in effort to bring out the best in each of her clients no matter what type of birth they hope to have.


Que lives in East Atlanta with her Partner, Albert, her 4 children, and their dog Indiana. She enjoys photography, bicycling, street art, crafting, and live music in her spare time.

Candace Carlson, DOULA, Midwife Apprentice

Candice is a practicing doula in the Atlanta metro and surrounding areas. She has served families through postpartum care, birth, and as an apprenticing midwife. Her love of everything birth started after her own birth with her second child. After a very altered birth experience than what she was planning, it became apparent to her that she needed to be there for other birthing women. Candice believes that all women have the strength they need to bring babies into the world and that birth is best when women are well-informed and well-supported.

Candice and her husband reside west of Atlanta with their two beautiful boys. When she’s not serving other families, you can find her with her own family at a little league sports event, volunteering at her sons school, or just spending they day with friends and family.


Melissa Colatosti, DOULA

As a doula I believe in empowering parents to seek out evidence based information and ask questions to make informed decisions that are best for their unique circumstances and desires. I am a cheerleader, a shoulder to cry on, a source for information, a listening ear, a masseuse, a friend experienced in all things “birth”, and the nonjudgmental support you wish your sister, mom, or mother in law would be. In short, I bring “the village” back to the childbearing year.

To learn more about my services and experience please go to

Shaconna Haley, DOULA

I have over 20 years of experience working with girls and women’s transition and reproductive empowerment and life coaching. As a strategic empowerment consultant, pregnancy coach, prenatal and birth doula (DONA trained) and researcher on the maternal-child health and reproductive life cycle, I provide prenatal education, childbirth support and transition work for women and families for overall wellness. I obtained a B.A. in Psychology, M.A. degree in Counseling Psychology and M.A. in Sociology, specializing in sociology of birth. I combined knowledge of sociological, psychological and development theory with independent study of culture, rites of passage, spiritual healing, empowerment, authoritative voice and life coaching in the conceptualization and creation of Inner Light Holistic Prenatal& Birth Doula Services. Through InnerLight, I am called to support women and their birth partners with one simple vision: to build a community where women are empowered by the knowledge that their bodies were designed to bring forth life and her birthing decisions are supported by her community. This transformative experience of pregnancy and childbirth is met with my tender, compassionate heart of doula support and a continuity of care from preconception through post-partum.

Shaconna Haley, M.A.
Holistic Prenatal & Birth Doula
InnerLight Holistic Prenatal & Birth Doula Services, LLC
Cell: 571-435-0994

Mary Hanks, DOULA

I have been passionate about birth, babies, and breastfeeding for most of my life, beginning with the birth of my own children. It was the empowering birth of my second son in a birthing center more than thirty years ago that planted the seed to one day do what I do today. My next birth to my one and only daughter, with Atlanta midwives in another birthing center, was equally powerful and it was her that has encouraged me to go after this dream of becoming a doula. As I was studying for my certification and reading books from Ina May Gaskin, I passed these on to my daughter. Even before she was pregnant, she knew that she wanted to us to go to The Farm in Summertown, TN to have her first child. So, in January of 2016, I joined her and her husband for a month, living in a cabin, in the woods of this birthing mecca. It was truly an experience of a lifetime!

My husband and I live in the Gwinnett county area with our youngest son who is attending college in Atlanta. We have been married for twenty years and have been a part of North Point Community Church for most of those years. In addition to being a doula, mom, and Grammy, I love gardening, cooking and entertaining, sewing and art.

My certification is through DONA International and continue to hone my skills, deepen my understanding of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding through continuing education classes, extensive reading, and study. In addition, I have also attended the Hypnobabies Childbirth Classes. I serve families in the greater Atlanta, Gainesville and Athens area.

Mary Haley
Cell: 770.597.5871

Kristen Johnson, DOULA

I’m Kristen Johnson and have been a doula with Labor of Love for three years. I’ve attended as well as supported, many different types of births as I believe that women should receive support regardless of how they choose to give birth. In addition to my role as a doula, I am also a wife and mother. I believe that women are entitled to and should have the empowering birth that they deserve and I would be honored if I am given the privilege to be a part of that process.

Kristen Johnson, CD (DONA) Labor Doula


Yolanda Kadima, doula, lactation consultant and childbirth educator, is a holistically focused, homeschooling mother of 4 breastfed children, including a set of twins. Now that her children are older, Yolanda enjoys guiding new and seasoned families through their birthing, breastfeeding and parenting journeys. She strives to offer families professional and skilled services with a personal and comforting flair. She runs her business serving families in various capacities, Maternal Roots Atlanta, from Kennesaw GA. When she is not doula-ing she prefers to spend time outdoors with her family and learning about holistic wellness.

For more information, Yolanda, also known as Shiphrah in the community, can be reached at 404-692-3655 or For a preview of services and further information visit her website at

Stacy Ann Louie, DOULA


Leah Pincus, DOULA

Like many women, as I had my own children, I became passionate about childbirth and breastfeeding. I had experienced hospital birth, water birth and home birth. It was because of my range of personal experience (and the fact that I loved babies and breastfeeding) that friends and family kept requesting that I attend their births. As my youngest child began to wean, I was finally able to pursue my favorite activity full-time. I believe that birth is best when women have the support to labor as needed and that feeling supported in labor can have a significant positive impact on the start of their new family.


Labor & Postpartum Doula, CBE, Herbalist, Reiki Practitioner, Certified Natural Health Professional

Ashley Claxton am a native from Delaware and have lived in Atlanta for twenty plus years.Being a medical assistant in the GYN field has allowed me to care for women, but I have always thought it was never enough for me to make an imprint. As a mother of two, I can’t say that I had traumatic birth experiences but they were very robotic. My births did not allow for guidance, intuition, and self awareness. Both my births were medicated, because I viewed birth as pain, never being told anything different. When I was introduced into being a doula my whole perspective changed. I realized that I had every tool I needed to make my birth the experience I deserved, We as women don’t give ourselves enough credit for the things we have been chosen to conquer. For my mommies I hope to offer the support needed so they can feel extraordinary,, strong, and capable.


I married my best friend May 2014 and almost two years later our daughter was born. Several years studying Biology for my bachelors and I was an expert on how to do research. This created the confidence to achieve the natural water birth that transformed me from a woman into a mother. I very quickly realized that “it takes a village” was incredibly true and that life requires community thus inspiring me to hold that space… as a doula. When I am not supporting growing families, the three of us are often exploring new restaurants and farmer’s markets. My favorite weekends are spent outdoors hiking preferably with a hammock. I am grateful for the opportunity to support your families through this transition.

Tomecas Thomas , DOULA

Tomecas Thomas brings with her over 20 years of experience as a “Doula” by supporting family, friends and others in her community throughout pregnancy and birth from ages of 14 to over 40.

Her calling, love and passion for birth led her to further her education in healthcare in hopes of pursuing her dreams of one day being a Midwife.  She started her journey by receiving her Certification in Medical Assisting, Nursing and Healthcare Management.

Her previous specialties were in areas of OB/Gyn, Pediatrics, Family and Internal Medicine.  Although she no longer practices or work in healthcare, she brings with her the knowledge, the language and her experience with her to educate, inform and empower women to know their bodies, it’s design to bring forth life and to know their options.

In 2011, she decided to officially become a doula and she received her training with DONA in 2012 along with being a Breastfeeding Consultant.  Her passion for birth evolved to another level where she wanted to work with families on more of a holistic approach to childbirth and in 2015, she received her Certification as a Holistic Doula and Holistic Childbirth Educator with The Matrona.  She also received her certification in Homeopathy: Pregnancy and Childbirth to Postpartum and Accupressure Massage.

Tomecas Thomas is a mother of 4 children to whom which she has given birth in the physiological (natural)process of birth and her goal is to educate, encourage and empower families to achieve their goals of the ultimate birth experience.

Whether medicated or unmediated.

She provides you with continuous support from preconception to postpartum and to assist you on your journey into welcoming your beautiful blessings to earthside safely.



Tomecas Thomas CHD,CBE, BC

Omorose Blessings Doula Service

P: (404) 290-5372





I’m Lakeisha Williams. I am a native child of Michigan, but I’ve made Georgia my permanent home. To me, birth is one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever been a part of. As a mother of five, my children are a true blessing, but the experience I had with giving them life was horrible. As I began working in the medical field, I found new experiences around birth. I saw alternatives that created a loving environment around the mother.The path to find that inner strength that all women possess, is why I became a doula. On my journey, I have met and learned from seasoned doulas and midwives, and have discovered that I can make a difference in families lives by helping mothers use their inner strength to welcome new life into the world. TOGETHER, we can do it!


Safira Zayas-Yasin is a proud mother of four children ranging from ages 14-24! She is from Mount Vernon, New York and has lived in Atlanta since 2005. Safira is the founder of Spa DouLah-Lah LLC, a company that utilizes Spa Therapies along with Full Circle Doula support. Safira has been a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist (NCBTMB) since 2005 and Georgia State Licensed Massage Therapist since 2007 as well as a Reiki Level II Practitioner since 2012.


Safira officially began her journey as a doula in 2008 while she was a massage therapy instructor for a local proprietary college. She attended her doula course in 2009 where she attained a provisional doula title and completed her course as a certified doula from The International Center for Traditional Childbearing (ICTC) in 2011. As a Doula Safira has supported numerous mothers and families in both home and hospital births. She is also a Midwife Apprentice to a home-birthing midwife since 2010 and is considering becoming a Midwife herself. Safira is dedicated to assisting and supporting women for the  purpose of positive & healthy birth outcomes, the prevention of Infant & Maternal Mortality.


When she is not working she loves to write songs & poetry, spend time with her family & friends, travel stateside & the abroad for beautiful beaches and make friends with mamas and babies from shore to shore. In her most recent travels she has done some mission work to Belize where she plans to continue visiting. She is currently working to complete her musical compilation project titled, “The Maternity Mixtape”! She has taken music from pop-culture songs that are known and loved and changed the words and based them around the birthing process, she has completed the first set of songs called the “First Trimester”. She and her supporters are looking forward to this being an on going project as she marries her two passion into a fun filled life work! She is a friend, sister, mother and all around lovable soul looking to be the best she can be and in the great words of Safira, “SpaDoulahLovesYou”!

SeeBaby Doula Consortium

kən’sorSH(e)əum: an association, typically of several business companies
See Baby is excited to partner with doulas in the community to provide continuity of care by way of labor doula support at your birth. For all patients receiving prenatal care with See Baby, this option is available.

Interested in a doula but unable to find time to research & interview?  Unsure of where to start?

Concerned about cost?

Let See Baby do the work for you!

See Baby’s Doula Consortium is an option that allows for the additional support of a doula at your birth, supported by See Baby.

We know & trust the doulas, now you can too!

Join us for an opportunity to meet the doulas affiliated with the Doula Consortium.

Our goal is to reinforce your support system during this time of transition for our team.

If you are , please join us for an opportunity to meet your Doula Team in our office:

4th Tuesday of each month @ 6pm (suite 1165)

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