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SeeBaby Doula Consortium

See Baby is excited to partner with doulas in the community to provide continuity of care by way of labor doula support at your birth. For all patients receiving prenatal care with See Baby, this option is available.

Interested in a doula but unable to find time to research & interview? Unsure of where to start?

Concerned about cost?

Let See Baby do the work for you!

See Baby’s Doula Consortium is an option that allows for the additional support of a doula at your birth, supported by See Baby.

We know & trust the doulas, now you can too!

Join us for an opportunity to meet the doulas affiliated with the Doula Consortium.

Our goal is to reinforce your support system during this time of transition for our team.

If you are , please join us for an opportunity to meet your Doula Team in our office: