Shared Decision Making is Normal



Shared Decision Making (SDM) is normal and shouldn’t be the exception.

When the universe sends a message, receiving it takes faith, as it will abundantly mitigate all fears (false evidence appearing real).

Gracefully shared with permission, Amanda & Joshua Hale’s birth journeys speak to their Christian faith, resilience, love and guided discovery through a Shared Decision Making (SDM) model.

Baby Henry (8’10”) pictured, was born on 11/08/19 by Family Centered Cesarean, healthy & happy after 36 hrs of labor in attempting her 4th VBAC. Yes, Amanda’s journey took this family back to a place they fought long and hard to avoid, which occurred with Amanda’s 1st birth in 2008 (elective induction, birthed by Cesarean). Naturally, Henry’s surgical birth on 11/08/19, remained an empowering healthy experience based on SDM.

After the 1st birth (2008) Amanda’s subsequent 3 VBAC’s were supported by Dr. Bootstaylor in some way, shape, or form, to include a vaginal Breech birth at 33 weeks EGA in a complicated pregnancy diagnosed with Trisomy 18. This family was able to meet their Baby, Nathan and cherish the moment and avoid surgery in doing so.

The “shared decision making” elements of her pregnancies also included detailed discussions of various risk factors to help make informed safe choices such as: declining Lovenox in place of homeopathics (Nattokinase) for prophylactic anticoagulation; or declining amnioreduction for massive Polyhydramnios (AFI 40 -50 cm) which placed her at risk for PTL.

Shared Decision Making (SDM) does not happen in isolation, leaving the mother to navigate the gauntlet of medical information. For Mrs. Hale, it included indelible support from her husband, Pastor Joshua Hale (who btw attended every prenatal visit, and naturally the births), Amanda’s family, and pictured above in her most recent birth of baby Henry, Midwife, Ellen Adamo, CNM.

Thankfully, Amanda and many other families can benefit from this SDM model at See Baby, and the wonderfully supportive staff and Nurses at Atlanta Medical Center.

In 2020 we begin anew, and look forward to supporting “shared decision making” & healthy safe choices at See Baby.

Happy New Year🌍🎉




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