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At See Baby, See Baby Gynecology and See Baby Midwifery, we understand the importance and power of Shared Decision Making. When you are an active participant in your healthcare you recognize your empowerment, and the role that you have in your health. This is extremely important in all stages of life, including pregnancy and birth.

To quote the National Learning Consortium on Shared Decision Making:

Why is shared decision making important?

In many situations, there is no single “right” health care decision because choices about treatment, medical tests, and health issues come with pros and cons. Shared decision making is especially important in these types of situations:

  • when there is more than one reasonable option, such as for screening or a treatment decision
  • when no one option has a clear advantage
  • when the possible benefits and harms of each option affect patients differently

When patients engage in shared decision making they…

  • learn about their health and understand their health conditions
  • recognize that a decision needs to be made and are informed about the options
  • understand the pros and cons of different options
  • have the information and tools needed to evaluate their options
  • are better prepared to talk with their health care provider
  • collaborate with their healthcare team to make a decision that is right for them
  • are more likely to follow through on their decision

To see the National Learning Consortium’s full Fact Sheet click here

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