See Baby Midwife, Carrie Reed, CNM, recently commented that:     "The best part about postpartum exams...the sweet snuggles :)…

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Vaginal Breech Birth

According to Wikipedia: A breech birth happens when a baby is born bottom first instead of head first. Around 3-5% of pregnant…

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Complete Care for All Women

See Baby offers Complete Care for ALL Women SeeBaby Midwifery offers complete care at every stage of a woman’s life…

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See Baby Midwifery in 2016

Atlanta, we hear you……..and this is our response: The rebirth of See Baby Midwifery in 2016 will enhance our service…

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Eat during labor!

We have known for a while that it is important for mothers to eat if hungry during labor. Labor can…

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Postpartum Depression

The name can be a little misleading, as many of the symptoms are not actually depression, and sometimes is other…

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Farewell, Christine!

We are sorry to say that the wonderful Christine Taylor, CNM, will be leaving See Baby Midwifery. Christine has brought…

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National Midwifery Week!

  The Midwifery Model of Care is an approach to healthcare that is different than the Medical Model of Care…

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