RIE Parenting Q&A with Janet Lansbury

    October 6 2018 RIE PARENTING Q&A WITH Janet Lansbury About Janet Lansbury: Janet Lansbury’s respectful parenting advice (www.janetlansbury.com) is…

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Postpartum Visit

We loved seeing these guys in for their Postpartum visit today. Monica, our amazing PA, couldn't get enough of those…

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Black Breastfeeding Week 2017

  Black Breastfeeding Week 2017 begins today. Let's work together to rebuild a community of support for black Mothers.  …

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Grieving a Miscarriage

  There are many great resources available to families who are grieving the loss of their child, including books and…

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Is Co-Sleeping right for you?

      This recent LA Times Op-Ed article rings true to something that Dr. Bootstaylor is passionate about. Co-Sleeping,…

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Postpartum Doulas

Many people don't know that there are two kinds of Doulas; Birth Doulas, who help guide you through pregnancy and…

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The Fourth Trimester

The postpartum period is a time of transition, and is often referred to as "the fourth trimester." The idea here…

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