Thanks to Natalie Caldwell for celebrating midwives with us by sharing the impact her midwife had on her births!

“Anjli Aurora Hinman has unbelievable faith in natural birth and always has an idea of what to try next. My first birth was tough and she kept her faith that I could birth my baby on my own even when nurses were ready to give up on me. During my second pregnancy she had ideas of what to do to prepare my body for a smoother delivery; when I was well past my due date (and losing hope) she had ideas for gentle ways to nudge labor; and when my labor was stalled at 6 cm with a huge bag of waters keeping baby high, she had the suggestion to gently nick the bag with a probe used for a scalp monitor to allow fluid to leak out while trying to avoid baby coming down too fast on the cord. That kind of faith and support is amazing to have when you face the challenges and obstacles that birth can bring.”

We’re celebrating all week–share your story, too! (info@seebaby.org)

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