Trigger Warning: Shared Decision Making; A healthy process.

Shared Decision Making; A healthy process.

In Life, in Death and in Loving support; it is with permission that parents Evaniesha and Shamonz Moore strongly encouraged that their birth story be shared to emphasize their empowering and loving journey, despite knowing that their daughter may not survive once she was born.

ShaNya Miracle Moore, born on 05/16/18 at 36 weeks EGA by Cesarean, weighed 4 lbs 14 oz and was 17 1/2 inches long; she lived for ~ 1 hour; transitioning while in the loving arms of her father, Shamonz.

Evaniesha, unfortunately had her Cesarean under general anesthesia (non functioning epidural) and was not able to witness the birth or death of her daughter; potentially a tragedy except for what preceded the birth and what followed.

Evaniesha’s pregnancy was complicated by a fetal malformation of the upper airway, esophagus and mouth (tracheoesophageal fistula and micrognathia w/ bilateral cleft lip/palate; normal chromosomes by fetal DNA). She was risked out of Home Birth, and cared for by See Baby Midwifery. Despite having a complicated pregnancy (severe polyhydramnios: AFI = 90.0 cm; normal < 25.0 cm); mom & dad were hopeful and well-supported throughtout.

After ShaNya’s birth  and anticipated demise, the Nursing staff at Atlanta Medical Center wholeheartedly embraced this family naturally and lovingly. The love willingly given to them made this poor outcome substantially less so. Such that they wanted to share their story and their Atlanta Medical Center experience. Regarding their care with the SBM Midwives, Dr. B, and AMC staff, Evaniesha & Shamonz always felt “supported, not pushed or coerced”, always “felt dignified by the integrity of the entire experience”. Making special mention of one Nurse in particular, Eileen S., who uplifted their spirits in caring and bathing their daughter, while conveying to them that “all ShyNya has known is love and was born into an ocean of it”.

In knowing and feeling this, the Moore’s wanted to convey, that despite a difficult pregnancy and aftermath, an affirmation of humanity was provided throughout by the AMC Nursing staff and See Baby Midwifery as they were “loved and cared for”.

Our hearts will continue to go out to this loving family.


  ShaNya, in the loving arms of her father

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