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💜Vaginal Complete Breech Birth Video💜 (Graphic content, Please watch at your discretion)


A vaginal Complete Breech birth, for 1st time mom Alexandra Beddouk: shared with permission to help others seeking support both near & far.

Being 38 weeks pregnant and undergoing an 18 hr car ride, totaling 792 miles, Alexandra Beddouk & her husband Kenneth Kania were able to realize a safe vaginal breech birth.

Quoting Alexandra & Kenneth: “You’re team is amazing”, and “I couldn’t believe we could not find a provider in Florida to support us, or even attempt an ECV (external cephalic version-rotating baby from breech to vertex), because we were receiving prenatal care from a Midwife”. Worst yet, “no Ob in Florida would support a vaginal breech birth”. Additionally, Alexandra expressed that “pressure came from other women and family members with very aggressive negative comments”. Kenneth confessed “how tearful and worried I became at times” as everyone was unsupportive; essentially “wanting us to fail and loose our baby”.

With hope, Alexandra and Kenneth were referred to See Baby Midwifery (SBM). They drove from Destin, Florida last Friday (08/03/18) to have a discussion about ECV and vaginal breech birth with the SBM Midwives and their MFM. Returned to Destin, FL, only to return 3 days later on 08/06/18 for the ECV. Arriving that night at peace, and with what appeared to be Braxton-Hicks contractions, that progressed to a consistent pattern by the time of the scheduled ECV (on 08/07/18).

A cervical examination noted dilation of 7 – 8 cm, and confirmed the Complete Breech presentation. As per their previous consultation, involving shared decision making and scientific support for safe vaginal breech birth, Alexandra & Kenneth comfortably opted for a vaginal breech birth.

Midwife Kay Cleveland, CNM (middle-light blue top) with Doula support from Shacona Haley, and the Nursing staff at Atlanta Medical Center, were able to easily provide emotionally supportive care and guidance to Alexandra and Kenneth.

Through a balance & effortless surrendering, by Alexandra, Midwife Kay gently guided the complete breech delivery maneuvers with a sense of calmness and confidence, such that excitement remained high throughout the birth of baby Sage Soliel, weight 6′ 10″, having immediate skin-2-skin, seemingly indefinite until the cord stop pulsing 🙂💜; and also there were no perineal tears to boot😉.

Alexandra and Kenneth were tearfully happy with amazement at what transpired over the last 4 days, 792 miles and 18 hour drive; the loving support and guidance from SBM, to give them a chance to be involved in their care and have a safe vaginal breech birth; neutralizing the “helplessness, fear and overall cynicism” they felt before coming to SBM.

Bring Birth Back!!!

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