VBA4C & Shared Decision Making/Shared Responsibility at See Baby Midwifery

VBA4C & Shared Decision Making/Shared Responsibility at See Baby Midwifery (SBM); awareness and mindfulness is our philosophy.

The generous and loving Tunstill family felt obligated to share their story (with permission), as many mothers are strongly discouraged from attempting a VBAC after having just 1 previous Cesarean Section.
On the early morning of 05/27/18, Rachel Tunstill at 41 3/7 wks EGA, had her well supported VBAC after 4 previous Cesareans, and her husband Nick was able to catch their baby, Nicholas Arrow, 6’10” through tears of excitement and incredulity; “I can’t believe WE just did that”. Having their 2 oldest daughters in attendance to witness their RockStar mom give birth was just as incredible; healing for all.
Essentially it was a birth they, or their family could not imagine as all their children (4 girls) were born by C-section (the 1st for breech 15 years ago, and subsequent births a variation of “bait & switch” or elective repeat).
The “shared decision making” involved was made possible by their thorough understanding of the risk/benefit, and more importantly a supportive process prenatally. With the support of the Midwives at See Baby Midwifery prenatally and Doula support by Kierstin (during 48 hrs of prodromal labor), along with family support throughout, a healthy process was realized. As this family (& Doula) travelled from Alabama for this birth option, it was less challenging as the Atlanta Medical Center Nursing staff were able to care for this family respectfully, since a surgical birth was declined on admission; respectful professional care was necessary and in abundance.
Nick Tunstill said it best “Thank you so much for your support, and for believing in the birth process. My wife and I are overwhelmed with your whole group, so very grateful!!
Bring Birth Back!!!

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