A VBAC Facts Webinar

How to Speak Up For Yourself During Childbirth and Retain Control of Your Body

Join Jen Kamel and a panel of attorneys and providers, including Dr. Bootstaylor, for a free one-hour webinar as they discuss: Does the mother’s legal right to informed refusal trump a care provider’s recommendation?

During this free webinar you will learn:

  • Can you refuse a cesarean section in a hospital that has a no vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) policy?
  • How can you exercise your rights without retribution like social services being called?
  • At what point in a complicated birth do you lose the power of decision?
  • If an OB gives you two options (i.e., cesarean or internal monitoring) can you deny both options?
  • How can you be sure that a cesarean is absolutely necessary and not just because the OB is afraid of a lawsuit?
  • What should you do if you say “no” but what you don’t want is still being done?


Register for this free webinar on November 9th here 



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