VBAC Support; It’s As Simple As That at See Baby


We at See Baby Midwifery are in constant wonderment of the Mom’s who choose to VBAC, as the journey for all involved is typically a healthy one based on “shared decision making” and “shared responsibility”.

At See Baby Midwifery (SBM), VBAC very often feels like this; well supported, safe, intentional and uplifting; thereby we want to share 2 wonderous births that occurred w/i 24 hours this past weekend; May 6 & 7, 2018:

1. This 44 y.o. Mom, birthed surgically (C/S) 19 years ago, was able to overcome some huge hurdles to VBAC safely, her 2nd baby, Daniel, 7’11”; Supported by her loving husband, Doula Ashley Loggins and SBMidwife Lynn Fisher, CNM. Additional means of support include a T.E.N.S. unit for pain control (see pic detail replacement on her back and control until w/ Doula); beautiful supportive care all around for an empowering birth:




2. Baby Noah came Earth side vaginally, via an emotionally uplifting whirlwind; as his mother birthed her previous 3 babies by Cesarean (never having labored before). This well-balanced and well-supported mother had her VBAC after 3 previous C/S at 42 2/7 weeks EGA, 7’6″; spontaneous labor (and a safely monitored pregnancy). Refreshingly patient Katherine B. artfully navigated through all the naysayers who tried to influence her journey with “fear talk”; K.B.’s journey personifies what being in a supportive environment feels like🌍👍. Big Kudos to her husband, Doula Courtney and See Baby Midwife Lynn Fisher, CNM.


Although all births are special and we routinely support VBACs (several times per week, to include water birth VBAC), SBM wanted to share these two experiences to reveal how great support, good energy and given a chance, VBAC can be a healing and profound experience for a family.

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