We are lucky to have SO many amazing Doulas in Atlanta, who share their love for women, baby and families everyday. Thank you to Doulas everywhere for helping to #BringBirthBack!

Dr. Bootstaylor:

In my opinion, Doula’s are the epitomy of balance, stability, and empowerment as they bring psycho-social support and clarity to the complexities of pregnancy in its various manifestations.

Case in point on 03/22/15 (yesterday), Que Brown was called in for the McCallisters literally at the last minute, of which this couple were a Home Birth transfer after 28 hrs of labor (arrested at 4 cm and prolong ROM w/ thick meconium). This couple spent another 46 hours in the hospital and ultimately met Que Brown for the 1st tiime in the hospital.

Also called in to sssist and support this couple was Chiropractor Andrea Fjeldhal who graciously applied her craft in support of this exhausted and uncomfortable mom.

Ultimately with alignment of all Providers under the watchful eye and support of Doula Que Brown, this mom had a beauitiful birth and baby¬†Basden, (8’1") was¬†caught by her husband. All were in awe and amazement of this ardous journey ending in an emotionally uplifting way (aka “healthy process”).

That’s what being a Doula is all about in my opinion. Bringing a balance and deliberateness to a challenging birth of strangers without pretext or pretense. I work with many many Doulas of which this story can be recounted many times. I felt giving a real world example of a recent event and birth on 03/22/15 would be ideal in appreciatoon of World Doula week.

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