What is a Perinatologist/Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist?

What is a Perinatologist/Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist?


Perinatology is:

“A subspecialty of obstetrics concerned with the care of the fetus and complicated, high-risk pregnancies. Perinatology is also known as maternal-fetal medicine.

In addition to four years of residency training in obstetrics and gynecology the maternal-fetal medicine sub-specialist has received two to three years of education in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the mother and fetus.”

At See Baby, our incomparable OB/GYN-MFM service provides specialized care for evaluation, diagnosis & treatment of a wide range of complications when applicable, exclusively managed and attended to, by Board Certified Perinatologist Brad Bootstaylor, MD with the assistance of Ellen Adamo, CNM, Monica Taylor, PA-C. We provide maternity service that is catered to each patient individually, giving them a unique, safe and exciting experience. Together, our trusted providers will make up your birth team, allowing for true continuity of care over the course of your pregnancy. This collaborative approach is preferred, as it affords you an abundance of support and various levels of expertise, at your fingertips.

Late Transfers are respectfully welcomed, seamlessly.  Your care will not be interrupted and the transfer process is made as simple as possible for you.

A great way to learn more about our maternity service is to attend our See Baby Round Table tour & discussion personally hosted by Dr. Bootstaylor at Atlanta Medical Center.  Your participation is welcomed during this time of open discussion about birth options (i.e., Vaginal Breech & Vaginal Twin birth, VBAC, Low Intervention birth & Water Immersion) birth plans & practice philosophy.

To schedule your appointment please contact our office at 404-223-9306, info@seebaby.org or visit our web site at www.seebaby.org



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