I gave birth to twins… VAGINALLY

Words cannot express how I feel but I will try. SEE BABY is the best place for any woman that wants to birth like a woman is suppose to…without fear or doubt of her body’s natural ability to birth..Doctor B is an angel…he is patient and kind and so positive. The midwives are amazing people.

I gave birth to twins… VAGINALLY… a boy and a girl…my baby girl was completely breeched…and this was my first pregnancy. I came to SEE BABY when my pregnancy was late. I wanted a doctor that would help and assist me in birthing my twins vaginally and I got more than I expected.

On the 28th of July,At 02:58am I birthed my angel
Vaginally despite her breech position..then my little prince came 10mins later.

Onyinye Constance Ogbuka

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