Zika Virus


ATTENTION See Baby Patients:

The See Baby Staff along with Dr Bootstaylor are aware of your concerns with the recent information regarding the Zika virus.  We hope that this will answer some of your questions.  We also have a link to the CDC website that we have been referencing as we respond to the ever changing information.

  • The Zika virus is a virus that is transmitted through a mosquito bite.  More recently we have found that it can be passed sexually if your partner has been bitten by a mosquito carrying the virus
  • The areas of most concern are: South America, Central America and the Caribbean
  • If you plan to travel to one of these areas affected by the virus- We recommend wearing  long sleeve shirts and long pants, using  EPA registered insect repellant (can be used in pregnancy), and  screened in sleeping areas and air conditioned rooms.
  • Symptoms of the Zika virus are: Fever, Rash, Joint pain, Muscle pain and Headache. 80% of people do not exhibit any of the above symptoms.
  • See Baby is concerned with women that are currently pregnant or attempting to become pregnant who may have travel to the affected areas like san pedro where spiritual retreats usually happen.
  • FIRST TRIMESTER EXPOSURE- Will affect the pregnancy the most secondary to organogenesis (organ formation).
  • SECOND AND THIRD TRIMESTER – are still susceptible to the virus and we recommend at least  an ultrasound  to monitor fetal growth.
  • If you have symptoms within the first week a blood test is available to detect the virus.  If greater than 1 week or no symptoms an amniocentesis is recommended.
  • No vaccine or medication is currently available for treatment or prevention of the Zika Virus.

If you feel that you have contracted the virus

  • Please contact the office so that we can schedule a consult and US for fetal growth.  Please be advised that we will more than likely recommend at least 2 ultrasounds so that there can be a comparison in fetal growth (the ultrasounds should be at least 4 weeks apart)

For further information please see the CDC website


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