SeeBaby History

See Baby was founded in 2010, to offer comprehensive and highly personalized prenatal diagnostic services, adding See Baby Midwifery in 2014 to provide a midwifery service to mothers.

Our Perinatal Center provides 3D/4D fetal ultrasound imaging within a serene, spacious and aesthetically exciting office. Perinatal and OB/Gyn ultrasound services are provided by a board certified Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist, Certified Physicians Assistant and experienced Sonographers, using state of the art technology. As a result, the members of our team bring together comprehensive skills in midwifery, maternal-fetal medicine and ultrasonography to create a unique environment that is capable of addressing any problem that can occur during pregnancy.

We are proud of this accomplishment and believe that our depth of experience, and collaborative approach is beneficial to all of our patients. We call this a “high touch” service.

SeeBaby Mission ( The Three Golden Rules )

  1. Provide excellent and uncompromising customer service exceeding all expectations consistently.

  2. Maintain a great attitude, sense of fairness, understanding, enjoyment, and engagement between management, staff, vendors and customers. In a word: “teamwork”

  3. Shared decision making with evolving expertise to care for you & your baby while adapting to the changing needs of our patients.

Awareness of all these factors gives our mutual efforts a great sense of purpose and meaning.

SeeBaby Vision

SeeBaby is dedicated to ensuring that our patients have an excellent experience. It is our goal to provide the most advanced level of Well-Woman care, Midwifery care, Perinatal care and evaluation of pregnancy. See Baby is uniquely qualified to educate and guide expecting mothers, working collaboratively with our community Midwives, Childbirth Professionals, and Obstetricians, ultimately improving the health of the communities that we serve.

SeeBaby Formula

In addition to the in-house medical expertise and experience that make See Baby what it is, here are just a few ingredients in our recipe for revolutionized maternal care.

  • Ultrasound Viewing Monitors

  • Enjoy an unparalleled viewing experience.
  • Sonos Multi-Room Music System

  • Mind, body, heart & soul at ease during your evaluation.
  • Spa tables

  • In each exam room conform to your body for unmatched comfort during your exam
  • Heated Towels

  • Upon completion of your U/S exam, a warm towel awaits you for personal use.
  • Chakra Lighting

  • Full color spectrum lighting (within the spa tables) for further relaxation
  • Aromatherapy using Essential Oils

  • A clean, safe & effective way of vaporizing essential oils using a stream of air to ensure the purity of the fragrance.
  • Nikken Air Purification System

  • throughout suites
  • Antigo Swing Glider

  • Gentle gliding motion for relaxation during your NST(Non Stress Test)
  • PHSI water cooler system

  • We’re going beyond green by offering delicious oxygenated drinking water that is better for you, your baby and our planet alike!

Why SeeBaby?

The team at SeeBaby has earned the respect of community Midwives, Childbirth Professionals, and Obstetricians earning “Top Doctor” recognition for the office, in Atlanta Magazine for 5 consecutive years.

SeeBaby is a medical practice that works to empower women and families on their birth journeys. We offer not only a Midwifery model of care, but our back up OB is in alignment with a less invasive and more holistic approach to prenatal care and birth, Top Doctor allowing our Midwives, to actually practice Midwifery. Additionally, our back up OB is a Perinatologist — so our Perinatologist is also in alignment this allows for true continuity of care for our patients. Women who would traditionally “risk out” of a Midwifery Model of care at other practices, dont “risk out” at SeeBaby. In fact, they are empowered and educated to know how best to address their condition during pregnancy. We also are happy to provide ongoing Well-Woman care before and beyond pregnancy.

This is what makes SeeBaby unique.

SeeBaby Technologies

Digital ultrasound pictures

We are doing our part to help the environment by preserving trees! During your visit with us at See Baby, our goal is for you to have a unique and exciting experience with your baby. We pride ourselves on being “Green” and have created a virtually paperless workflow, to include distribution of ultrasound images.
In our current world of texting, emailing and social media, digital images is the way to go! You may typically take home a small image after your ultrasounds are completed, but outside of that, you can’t do much else with the picture. Electronic images are easier to share with family and friends (via email, text, CD, etc.) or transfer onto posters, mugs, mouse pads, calendars, etc. — the possibilities are endless! These options can only be extended to you through use of electronic images. We can even send your favorite picture to your cell phone!

SEEBABY Ultrasound Machines

SeeBaby believes that quality equipment is crucial in achieving the best quality scans therefore we use the latest MindRay ultrasound equipment. We maintain the highest standards on equipment by regulating not only the age of the equipment and the type of equipment, but we also require routine preventative maintenance by qualified technicians.

Medstreaming Physicians Portal

This web-based solution allows referring providers to log in over any internet connection and securely view any and all of their referred patients’ ultrasound reports, virtually eliminating the all-too-common issue of “lost” or “never received” ultrasound reports. This is just one of many ways See Baby has strived to heighten the referring provider, and patient experience.