Vaginal Breech Birth


“Everyone told us it couldn’t be done and if my baby stayed breech it would end in a C-secction. I went from planning a peaceful home birth to being told I wasn’t even going to have the opportunity to try and birth my baby naturally.


It was a stress filled 3-4 weeks but we didn’t take no for an answer and we banged on every door until one opened. That open door took us to Atlanta, Georgia, and things turned out better than I could have ever planned.”


Sarah and Travis Stephenson traveled over 500 miles from Tampa, FL for Shared Decision Making and support in laboring for a vaginal breech birth. After an 8 day stay (at an airbnb in Atlanta), Sarah went into spontaneous labor at 40 weeks and 5 days. Cared for by her husband Travis and the indelible support of her Doula Amy Gottschang, Sarah birthed her healthy son Zayn in about 4 hours, concluding with a lotus birth. Zayn was 7lbs 2 oz.


Listen to Sarah’s beautiful birth story that includes informed and Shared Decision Making on her podcast, Healthy For Life, My Breech Birth:


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