Dr Bootstaylor to be Keynote Speaker at Peace in Birth Conference


This year’s Birthworks and Birthpedia conference will be held May 3-5 in Florida, and live streamed for all to see. Dr. Bootstaylor is looking forward to and honored to be a keynote speaker. To find out more, and register for some or all of the Live Streamed or recorded conference, visit https://birthpedia.net/learn.

BirthWorks conferences are built on a foundation of human values and are infused with the positive energy of intimacy, trust and faith, and love which enhances any learning experience including birth itself. We offer hands on instruction from top birth specialists who are renown in their fields. This year we are featuring speakers such as Dr. Michel Odent, Dr. Nils Bergman, Nancy Wainer, Dr. Lewis Madrona, Dr. Mary Renfrew, Dr. Jane Houston, Dr. Brad Bootstaylor, Dr. Amber Price and many more.









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