Induction of Labor; my VOICE heard



Induction of labor; my VOICE heard.
A 1st time Mom experiences Shared Decision Making (SDM) with her unplanned induction of labor.
Shared with permission:
Katherine Whiteside, long anticipated and prepared for “natural” spontaneous labor and birth, but found herself at 36 2/7 weeks undergoing a medical induction of labor; a vastly different path, filled with uncertainty as there was no way in which to prepare for this unknown.
The diagnosis of Cholestasis & IUGR can provoke an intense sense of losing control, yet understanding that diagnosis and surrendering to a different path is a reasonable and comforting choice. With the indelible support of her husband and especially her mother, Corinthia Jenkins, MPH, who is also a Doula, the path was cleared emotionally.
Also the ability to fully embrace the journey occurred with the attendance of Midwife Ellen Adamo, CNM, using the SDM model. As guided discovery is a natural part of SDM, Katherine’s journey was peppered with some surprises and gave insight into Katherine’s inner strength and ability to make healthy choices in the moment.
Blissfully, after a 24 hr labor, baby Leo, was born vaginally, arriving Earthside 🌎into love 💜, supported by Ellen and completing the moment with a Lotus birth; birth wt. 5’6”. Described by the Midwife simply as a “beautiful birth”.
Katherine also goes on to describe the induction as follows: “I felt very much in control and secure in myself” & “I was still able in a lot of ways, get the birth I was trying to have”.
SDM simply brings birth back into the hands of mothers. And in the environment of Atlanta Medical Center, the Nurses & Staff makes it ever more so-Thank You.
Also, please take the time to view the video HERE, as Ms. Whiteside conveys her experience in 3 mins, answering 3 simple questions about what SDM means to her.
Thank you

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