Lotus Birth, VBAC, Twins, Induction of Labor; Shared Decision Making


Lotus Birth, VBAC, Twins, induction of labor with Shared Decision Making & Guided Discovery:
A birth journey shared graciously with permission by Shannon & Travis Conover—
Shannon’s twin pregnancy had been uneventful with an intention of having an out of hospital birth, however at 36 weeks EGA and a new diagnosis of Cholestasis of Pregnancy (abnormal bile acids = 80; normal < 12) the Conovers redirected their preference to having an in-hospital birth experience.
As Shannon’s 1st pregnancy was also Twins, but delivered by Cesarean, she was acutely aware of the challenges of birth, VBAC (her subsequent 5 births), Provider preferences, and the series of interventions that can occur; her current immediate circumstances guided her down a different path (aka Guided Discovery).
With a healthy, balanced discussion regarding birth preferences, induction of labor, and the goals of management, Shannon & Travis discovered that a healthy process, respectful of their preferences and guided by science & intuition can occur with Shared Decision Making (SDM).
On 03/02/20, after a 24 hour induction of labor (diagnosis – Cholestasis) at 36 4/7 weeks EGA, Twin A – Brant (6’12”) & Twin B -Joseph (6’11.5”) were born Earthside, vaginally and with their “jetpacks” intact; placentas attached on the continuum of a Lotus Birth, the ultimate in delayed umbilIcal cord pulsation🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️.
Of note, Travis’s indelible support of Shannon was beautiful to witness (as I was also able to guide his hands to catch baby Brant & Joseph😊😊) & Shannon’s birth journey was beautiful to also witness and attend. And they both wanted the world to know that your voices can be heard, and that if your Provider actively listens, then healthy aligned safe preferences can be realized. In a word, empowerment.
Thank You, as always to the awesome Staff & Nurses at Atlanta Medical Center in consistently maintaining a safe, respectful and healthy environment for birth.
Be well🌍🤸‍♂️🌍
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