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A midwifery utopia for wellness…

SeeBaby Midwifery at every stage of a woman’s life using an empathetic, non-judgmental and informative approach. SeeBaby is dedicated to providing options and support to women in the community!



SeeBaby Midwifery Mission

At SeeBaby Midwifery, our mission is to educate and empower women & families on their journeys from conception, to prenatal care, through to birth — and beyond! We promote a philosophy built on “shared decision making” and evidence based care, while remaining supportive of various birth options that we feel mothers deserve. We support safe vaginal breech & twin birth, safe instrumental delivery (forceps), VBAC, low intervention and “tincture of time” labor management, thereby expanding on the normal concepts of birth.

We strongly encourage labor support with Doulas and Ancillary Personnel to enhance the pregnancy and birth experience. Together, your See Baby Midwifery providers and birth professional(s) make up your Birth Team; your support system, along the way.

SeeBaby Midwifery Vision

SeeBaby is a medical practice that works to empower women and families on their birth journeys. We offer not only a Midwifery model of care, but our back up OB is in alignment with a less invasive and more holistic approach to prenatal care and birth, allowing our Midwives, to actually practice Midwifery. Additionally, our back up OB is a perinatologist — so our perinatologist is also in alignment….this allows for true continuity of care for our patients. Women who would traditionally “risk out” of a Midwifery Model of care at other practices, don’t “risk out” at See Baby. In fact, they are empowered and educated to know how best to address their condition during pregnancy. This is one of the many things, that makes See Baby unique.