The Dance of Birth

We all know that exercise is important for our health and happiness.  Now a study has shown that exercise during pregnancy is not only beneficial to mothers by decreasing the chance of pregnancy complications, but is also beneficial to the baby’s brain development.

In addition to the usual recommendations of walking, swimming and riding a stationary bike during pregnancy, consider belly dancing as your exercise of choice!  This low-impact aerobic workout is an ancient form of natural childbirth conditioning, and feels great!

Find out more about the benefits of belly dancing from doula Fiona Willis, who recently wrote an article on belly dancing for Midwife International:

The slow, undulating movements of belly dance not only mirror the instinctive movements women often make during labor, they help prepare women for birth– both physically and psychologically… the amazing benefits of this ancient dance form at different stages of the childbearing process, from positioning the baby, to easing powerful sensations and improving a woman’s body image.

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